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Unemployment Insurance Fund allows you to link your ABSA bank account to your uFiling user account, this will allow payments to be loaded into ABSA Internet Banking or Absa Cash Focus/Business Integrator. The payment is not successful until you release it within your ABSA banking application.

  • Relax, because you are paying us directly your account is guaranteed to be reconciled and updated.
  • Remove the risk. Using your own banking application is safe and convenient.
  • Pay your account where and when it is easiest for you.
  • Your uFiling profile is immediately updated with all payment information.
  • Your payment history is available on the uFiling site for a minimum of 2 years.

Pay Your Unemployment Insurance Fund Account

Add your bank account

  1. Log into uFiling Website.
  2. Select "Employer Information" and the "Banking Information".
  3. Complete the required banking Information.

Pay your account

  1. Log into uFiling Website.
  2. Select "Statement of Account" from your home page.
  3. Select the declaration or declarations you wish to pay.
  4. Click "Pay Accounts".
  5. Choose the ABSA bank account type you wish to pay from: ABSA AOL for Internet Banking or ABSA Absa Cash Focus/Business Integrator.

ABSA Internet Banking AOL

  1. Log into Internet Banking (Enter your User Number — More than one user may be registered on a profile and each user must have a unique number/identifier. This is usually 1).
  2. Go to "Authorisations".
  3. You will find a few sub-tabs, select "Tax and Regulatory option".
  4. Your uFiling transaction is awaiting authorisation.